Indexa Lending blog ( in Spanish & in English) is born to finish with the lack of information about the industry of Marketplace Lending in Europe and overall worldwide, a rising sector in which a growing number of platforms are disintermediating banks, connecting directly loan seekers with investors willing to finance them.

As the industry exponentially grows, and the banks become aware of the enormeous threat that it poses to its business model, a group of fintech entrepreneurs has decided to open an expert blog on the subject, aimed not only to investors but to a wide audience as well. Some of the entrepreneurs contributing to launching this blog are part of the founding team of, the first roboadvisor in Spain recently launched:

  • Ramón Blanco, former founder of, expert on credit through the Internet and investor in different international crowdlending platforms assets.
Colaboradores iniciales Indexa Lending
Indexa Lending collaborators, Ramón Blanco and François Derbaix

Indexa Lending blog, available both in Spanish and English, aims to become a discovery road trip to what´s going on within the new asset class that has become marketplace lending, How is it disrupting the credit market, which is its real profitability, etc. The blog is born with a series of articles about the profitability of the asset class and which is the right way to measure it. The blog is open to all those experts willing to write quality content on the subject. Those willing to contact the blog either to contribute or to simply ask questions, may do it through

Some of the most recognised marketplace lending platforms in Spain are Comunitae, LoanbookArboribus, Funding Circle, and Novicap. In the USA some of the leading platforms are Lending Club, Prosper and SoFi, and in the UK Funding Circle, Zopa & Ratesetter.


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